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La Punta Surf Club was established in 2015 as a joint effort to provide a great surf experience for locals, tourists and travelers. Located at the heart of San Juan, La Punta beach in Condado offers the best waves to learn and enjoy your day surfing.

We are certified by:

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Migue Flores

Migue Flores been surfing for over twenty years and inspiring others to surf for ten years. La Punta Surf Club team teaches lessons based on developing the fundamental skills in all surfing levels. We are certified by the American Red Cross, Department of Tourism, and DRNA.


Ricky Fuentes
surf instructor

Ricky has a passion for surfing and has been catching waves since very young. He has a natural ability to connect with young to-be surfers and is a great person for surf intro with adults. Ricky has been teaching for 10 years.


Sofía V. Esquilín
surf instructor

Sofía has been surfing for over four years. She loves teaching the kids and enjoys the connection with nature.

 Sofía is currently certified by the American Red Cross and been involved with La Punta Surf Club for over two year.


Brandom L. García
surf instructor

Brandom was introduced to surfing at a very young age. Later he exceeded in other sports such as soccer, swimming and as a triathlete. His aspiring career in sports led him to travels abroad. Upon his return, Brandom has re-discovered his love of surfing and has gained a better understanding of this sport, with high appreciation for the artform and joy it brings.


Hiram Almodovar
surf instructor

Hiram started surfing at the age of 13 when a school teacher who practiced the sport, showed him videos of surfing in Puerto Rico during recess. It was then and there he got his hands on a board and without knowing anything about the sport, started practicing. Then having a car, he started to practice regularly. To this day he continues and is truly passionate about it. As he says - “It’s my therapy”.

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